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You are Beautiful

summer blog

A day of change.

I’ve been reading a lot in this blog devoted to those hurting from abuse.

I went through some dark periods as a young woman, and I wish these writers and their wisdom had been available to me then. If you are suffering, or are still scarred from your past, get thee to this blog! It’s a very healing place.

I was remembering today how hard it was, many years ago, to go overnight from a beautiful bride to a flawed, not-quite-right burden to the man I had just married. He had plenty to say about what was wrong with me, and proclaimed he was simply not attracted to me. I was devastated. I was too young and naive to call B.S. and I twisted myself into pretzels trying to make it right.

I remember going on a long walk to burn off calories and wondering how it was possible to be so “flabby” when I was tall and wore a size three. I was part angry at the sting of those words in my ear, part defensive and trying to fix it.

Now that I am older and wiser and no longer being abused and lied to, I realize there is no fixing that nonsense. Here is what I would say to my younger self:

Baloney! Why was he attracted enough to marry you and suddenly you’re all wrong??? Flabby??? Maybe he should take a look in the mirror!!! Who has been eating too much of your fine cooking, after all? Not you!!!!

Dear Reader, if you are being told you are not enough, here is what I say to you:

You are beautiful. You are enough. God made you just right. He didn’t make a mistake when He designed you. You are lovable. You are worth loving. You are just fine.

Don’t let anyone tell you different.


Homemade Rose Water Toner

I was looking for a new toner and felt like fainting when I saw how much they cost these days! After experimenting (and let’s not talk about how I burned myself trying to use straight-up apple cider vinegar), I came up with a recipe for nice little cotton pads soaked in my homemade toner. It’s quick to make, cheap, and green, because I recycled a jar to put them in.

Rose water (from an international food market)
Cotton pads (got ’em at the dollar store)
Apple cider vinegar
Recycled glass jar
Pour rose water into jar until it’s about a third of the way full. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar, not too much! It has malic acid which is good for exfoliating, but it smells and it can be too strong if you use too much. Then put the cotton pads in the jar and shake it all up to soak the pads.